September 12, 2017


little girl playing with puzzle, early education and learning


Young Explorers Early Learning Centre values children as strong, capable and rich with knowledge and marvel. We are privately owned by a family and are totally dedicated to offering the highest quality of care and learning available. We aim to provide a stimulating learning environment with the use of iPads and computers.

Our programs will enable children to learn through child interest based experiences and capabilities, having a strong focus on social collaboration where the children will work in groups as an equal. We provide you with the satisfaction that your child will engage with whole-hearted, caring educators whilst enjoying a fun and safe environment.

We believe a solid foundation in education should include extra-curricular activities such as sports, wellbeing, art, languages, music and Pre-school programs featuring key numeracy and literacy concepts. Childhood is a time for children to discover who they are and how they fit into the world. Essential to this is the freedom to explore, be a child and be protected.

Young Explorers Early Learning Centre - Vision, Mission and Philosophy statements encompass the Early Years Learning Framework – for Australia.


To a community of early childhood professionals who engage in open and collaborative partnerships with children, families, Hunter New England Local Health Network and the wider community


Engaging environments that embrace individuality whilst being mindful of the diverse backgrounds and values of the community.


Establishing lifelong foundations for optimal development through relationships, promoting creativeness, imagination, independence, and potential for growth as confident and active peoples.

Our Philosophy

✓ Providing a learning environment for children to engage in meaningful play, which is intriguing and visually pleasing. One, which invites and cultivates children’s curiosity, imagination and confidence.

✓ Providing a supportive learning environment where the routines and curriculum are flexible and encourage children’s independence and accounts individual achievements.

✓ Presenting an educational curriculum, which adopts individual capabilities and potential from infancy onwards.

✓ Providing opportunities to engage and participate as co-constructors in play and learning experiences within a social context.

✓ Providing opportunities for children to be enabling as active peoples and knowledgeable peoples, to embrace and respect diversity and individuality.

✓ Provision of a curriculum which is founded upon children’s strengths and opportunities to participate in a variety of rich and meaningful inquiry based experiences, inclusive of humour and the ability to challenge and research interests.

✓ Providing a sense of belonging and comfort in a nurturing environment.

Community, Families & Staff

We value families and community: As partners in providing the optimal care and education of children.

✓ Providing opportunities for families to exchange relevant information pertinent to the care and education of their child.

✓ Presenting opportunities to families and the community to develop partnerships which encourage and nurtures collaboration.

✓ Providing support for families which includes and acknowledges respect for their values, beliefs and education practices.

✓ Providing information about, and opportunities to collaborate in the development and review of the centre philosophy, learning curriculum, policies, procedures, practices, and goals.

Values of our staff: Respecting their professional skills, knowledge, and experience.

✓ Supporting and respecting their diverse values, beliefs and professional practices.

✓ Providing support and opportunities to further develop and enhance skills and knowledge through the professional development activities.

✓ Providing support, resources, and opportunity for collaboration to enable the development and implementation of curriculum and care practices.

✓ Engaging in an open and honest partnership between individual staff and teams, based on consultation, supportive professional relationships, and interactions.