September 12, 2017

A Day In The Centre

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A Typical Day

Each day at Young Explorers is a new and exciting adventure there are some familiar experiences that the children will encounter every day.

✓ 7am – Young Explorers opens, get ready for an action-packed day of learning and exploration! As you enter our centre you will find our iPad bench for you to sign your children in and out.

 Time for breakfast! Breakfast is arranged in a group setting and then they’re off to play and learn! Each educator will set up the rooms to host activities either inside or outside which encourages exploration for our Young Explorers.

 Time for Morning Tea Most of our Young Explorers will have arrived by now so we will break into individual classrooms to share Morning Tea together.

Group Time; This gives the children an opportunity to experience learning in a large group before breaking into smaller groups.

 Lunch is served. Lunch is served every day catered by professional childcare caterers who deliver fresh every day to suit all needs of any child whether they have allergies or certain dietary requirements.

 Sleeping and Quiet Time. Children who need an afternoon nap, will head to the nap area and those who don’t require a nap will be involved in quiet activities such as reading or puzzles.

 Playtime. Each child will break into their correct program for the day which will focus on developing them uniquely. Each child learns through their own language so through emotional awareness, physical development programs, early literacy, numeracy programs, music and movement each child will form an understanding of themselves.

Time for Afternoon Tea! Afternoon tea is served as each child wakes up or has completed their quiet activity.

 Playtime & Learning. Each child will break into their correct program for the afternoon.

 Late snack. Something small usually enjoyed outside, weather permitting!

✓ 6 pm –  Goodbye for the day! You can check our social media pages for updates on our day at the centre and you might see some snaps of your children throughout the day!